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My name is Pavel Ovesny and I do the mixing since 1999 but I promoted my hobby into Postudio back in 2012.


                At same year I attended Audio mastering techniques at Berklee school of Music with my mentor was Marc-Dieter Einstmann  who is known for the cooperation with Dave Stewart, Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde, Mick Jagger,  David Lee Roth,  Depeche Mode, KD Lang, Yo-Yo Ma, Elvis Costello, T, Flood (U2), David Kahne (Paul McCartney), Rodney Jerkins (Michael Jackson), Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails), Imogen Heap and Cindy Lauper, among others.

                This eye opening times I turned to wider cooperation  with other musicians to educate myself more and I still love this process and I hope you will enjoy it also once we will do some music together :-) .

               My clients were indie bands such as  Suk Volok, Září, EVOLET, Martin Brzobohatý, Ve Vlastní Šťávě, Bessar Unggas, Madame Bernau, Hana Fatamorgana, Langans..mostly from the Brno district, Czech Republic

                      I have contributed also on the bestseller in gaming industry KINGDOM COME : DELIVERANCE. One audio book with Larry Hauser and I am producing and editing podcast Homo Politicus. 

I do also sound restoration and music production.

   I am active musician in bands Pajoche and 4Trix, playing the guitar, sing and I also do the music production.

I am happy to see you here and looking forward to work on the music or the sound processing with you!



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