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Postudio has been founded back in 2012 by me - Pavel Ovesny but this was rather just registering of the company. I am not any newbie in terms of the mixing or recording and starting my own studio was rather end of one phase of musician's life. Simply - I love the music and I followed my dream to turn my hobby into profession. The real start of my carrier I date back in 1999 when I made demo record on my first band. The actual idea of the "real studio" came back in 2005 ..


The Story :

               When I was 15 a I started to write my first songs. As guitar wasn't enough for my musical expression I have decided to learn how to work with midi instruments, DAW or even 4 track tape recorder (Yes, I am getting old) .  Thanks my passsion for the creation I have learned a lot about the home recording, arranging that time.

             I went through many bands and I always enjoyed recording them during the rehearsal sor live gigs and arranging songs afterwards. So there also my mixing skills have started even I had no idea what I am doing that time. I have realized that if I need to take it seriously I need to invest some money into my craft as well and attend some more education. Thanks to some job coensidience I moved to  Ireland in 2005 which was great for the new inspiration and the experience ..and I won't be fooling you : also some extra cash which was definitely worth.

                    Results of that era is audible on my track "Hate From The East" song which I recorded and mixed in 2006. 

           Year 2007  was about building small home studio and recording my own songs. As result of this phase I released my first EP : Pajoche - Taste Test in 2011 and received positive feedback for the clarity of my mix for example from the Guitar Muse server. For the mastering I asked Streaky, Richard Dowling and I really enjoyed to recognize differences - and this was the last piece into the song creation puzzle: mastering

         I applied for the Audio mastering techniques at Berklee school of Music on spring of 2012 - my mentor was Marc-Dieter Einstmann  who is known for the cooperation with Dave Stewart, Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde, Mick Jagger, Mary J. Blige, David Lee Roth, Notorious B.I.G., Dru Hill, Doug E. Fresh, D’Angelo, Tricky, Depeche Mode, KD Lang, Yo-Yo Ma, Elvis Costello, The Neptunes, Frankie Knuckles, Flood (U2), David Kahne (Paul McCartney), Rodney Jerkins (Michael Jackson), Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails), Imogen Heap and Cindy Lauper, among others.

                This opened my eyes and I understood that my next level is to cooperate more with other musicians to educate myself more. At the same time I moved back to the Czech Republic and started Postudio.


               My first clients were indie bands and I recorded them home or at their homes but overal feedback was good and thanks to them I was able to improve my process and mix with every single record. That time reffers to Poza (or Will Eifell) or Animal Orchestra. In 2013 I started to rent rehearsal room which I am re-building into recording room (this is constant process). In first half I of 2014 I mixed Suk Volok - JarniMa album which is worth to mentioned and also Madame Bernau where I've done whole job from record to master. In second half of 2014 I completely upgraded my DAW with new gear and added more analogue components into my arsenal.

                      Year 2015 have been quite busy for me, I have recorded and edited audiobook with czech actor Larry Hauser for the publisher Indeart. Then I have recorded and edited voiceover for the autism software, recording new Pajoche album, recording Soundno tracks, all together with mix and mastering.

         Year 2016 I  have opened with projects for Evolet and Hana Fatamorgana and finishing Pajoche album which is going to be the new reference mix I can do also for you. So be the part of my story, let's make music together !!