Below are some examples of my work. It is worth mentioning, for example, the seventh most played song by RADIO PROGLAS in 2015, namely SOUNDNO Zlatá Rybka (link) or a compliment for the "crystal clear mix" from the Guitar Muse server for PAJOCHE - Teste Test  (link ).


I am also signed under the best-selling Czech game title KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE.


There was a very beautiful collaboration with Martin Brzobohatý, the group Září, Suk Volok, Ve vlastní Štáva or the Norwegian Jazzy Arafat. In the field of audiobooks, I would like to mention the collaboration with Mr. Vladimír Hauser from the Husa na Provázku theater under the title Treasure of the Byzantine Merchant.

I am participating in the HOMO POLITICUS podcast, I am helping the SVOBODNÝ PRISTAV channel or the Fakt Brno association, and I am currently completing the album of the electronic duo Langhans.

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