KLIENTI / Diskografie

Direct link to songs which have been created at Postudio - for listening click on the pictures -->

 Below is dicography which is worth to mention. Time to time I do also quick jobs like editing songs for dancing clubs, quick mixing of live records etc. There are few achievements worh to mention - my contribution on the song Zlata Rybka from Soundno which has been the 7th most played song on the Radio Proglas in rok 2015 (link here) or small cmpliment for the "crystal clear mix" on server Guitar Muse for Pajoche - Teste Test (článek zde).

   Among the musicians I would like to mention also companies I have been working with :



Punk-rock band, we are working on two sons. We are about to finish.

Martin Brzobohatý - Orion


Very gentle piano music. We have been recording real PETROF piano with 5 mics. I recommend this kind of music for late night hours..just sit down, listen and relax.

 Warhorse Studios - Kindom Come : Deliverance 

dialogue edit

My gaming debut. I have been cleaning and editting dialogues for this large game project which is going to be released early 2018.

Me and my bandmates a debut long play album. That's the good reference for the indie bands I have to say.


PAJOCHE - Čokumbr 


Soundno is taking rest and this is the new project of Eva from Soundno called Evoled. So far it is alternative folk. Nice one



This is sort of neo-folk music you can find in Brno. Really nice and smooth work. I like the way Eva sings, they are actually all very good singers and musicians therefore I could focus on the music only.


I had that honur to work with Mr. Vladimir Hauser (Divadlo na Provazku) a well known actor and record detective novel. 

Václav Erben - Poklad byzantského kupce : audiobook (Indeart)
Various : Singles : 2006 - 2014


Click above to see my Soundcloud playlist with single songs I worked on. There is always comment below the song where you can read what I acutally have done there. Have fun

Very enjoyable work. I have done mixing, some re-arrangment of songs, effecting and after all also mastering for this interesting indie-rock band.


Very talended musicians with huge sense for a dynamics. Here I have done whole recording, mixing and mastering. 

This young guy is calling himself as Will Eifell now. I had that honor to mix his very first EP and also recorded some guitars and slightly help with production.




 Poza - Jedna Noc v Odpoledni Světa 

This is my own music project. Here I wrote all songs, lyrics, recorded all instruments and did mixing of an entire album. 

PAJOCHE - Taste Test